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Fresh pasta making machines ideal for up to 50-to-70-seat restaurants.

This machine is the ideal solution for restaurants with 50 to 70 seats; robust and easy to use, it can make various types of fresh pasta.

Thanks to the ability to use any type of flour (soft wheat, durum wheat semolina, whole wheat, etc.), doughs with or without eggs, and a wide array of additional ingredients (such as spinach, tomato, beetroot, cocoa, etc.), you can make fully customised and unique pasta.

It is economical to use because ingredients can be dosed as desired. With a limited expense you can offer clients especially delicious, top quality products.


Features PM50

  • Its dough tank has a 5 kg capacity.
  • Its hourly extrusion capacity is 12-13 kg of pasta depending on pasta type.
  • Tank and mixer are in stainless steel.
  • Its extrusion auger and mixer are easy to remove for cleaning.
  • The only maintenance required is normal cleaning operations, advisable after each working session.
  • Each machine is equipped with 4 standard plates, cleaning accessories, keys, liquid dosers and an instruction manual.
  • On request: automatic short pasta cutters, wheel carriage with or without fan and a range of plates.
  • Built to EC standards.

Additional features

Mixing hopper capacity Kg 5
Output in extrusion Kg/h 12/13
Dimensions cm 68 x 42 x 55h
Weight Kg 70
Electric motor kW 0,75

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