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Hand-operated pasta extruder for making Bigoli, Gargati, Tagliatelle, and Tagliolini

This cast brass tool is used for manually making fresh pasta, typically with the help of a special bench or a wooden board to secure it to the worktable.

Our range comprises a series of pasta extruders, each characterised by a different capacity and equipped with two plates for spaghetti and rigatoni. On request, plates for tagliatelle and tagliolini can also be provided.

The Bigolaro model B stands out for its functionality. With its lower fixing ring, it allows the use of special plates (usually for automatic pasta making machines) for making fusilli, casarecce, bucatini, and many more types of pasta on the extruder.

Features of the Bigolaro

Type B
Pasta capacity Kg 0,400 Kg 0,480 Kg 0,540 Kg 0,700 Kg 0,480
Bulk Kg 4,100 Kg 4,700 Kg 5,600 Kg 6,300 Kg 5,000

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