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A passion spanning
over a century

In 1805, the Fonderia in Bronzo Fratelli Bottene was founded in Marano Vicentino, originally a bronze foundry that later transformed into a workshop for repairing small machinery.

By the mid-19th century, this experience led to the creation of a rudimentary tool for making fresh pasta.

In 1875, Francesco Bottene, the great-great-grandfather of the current owners, obtained Royal Patent No. 8014 for what was then called the “New Machine for Making Pasta at Home”. Commonly known as the Bigolaro, a machine for making bigoli, a thick Venetian spaghetti, or Torchio, it quickly became a coveted tool in families in the Veneto and beyond. Besides bigoli, it could make “gargati”, a type of thick pasta with grooves similar to the well-known rigatoni or maccheroncini.

Several business awards followed in the following years; in 1905 we were awardedMembership in the Industrialists of Italy issued by the Association of Industrialists of Italy in Milan, and in 1925, thanks to our participation in the World’s Fair in Rome, we were awarded the “Gold Medal and Grand Prize Cross for the manufacture of handle pasta presses.”

The real industrial breakthrough came in the mid-20th century, around the 1950s, with the addition of the first motorised pasta extruders to the production of the classic hand-operated bigolaro extruders.

Constant technological evolution and new market demands have led us to produce increasingly comprehensive fresh pasta machines, gradually expanding our range with different capacities, accessories, and a growing number of plates to meet all our customers’ needs.

Over the years, we have never forgotten the reliability of our brand, creating durable and high-performing products suitable for restaurants, communities, shops, and families, continuing to respect our ancestors pasta-making traditions.

In the 1970s, we began to make our mark abroad through our first exports.

Our initial clients were Italians, children of emigrants, often working in restaurants, who, with the help of our products, started to promote Italian culture and the traditions of their forebears through culinary art.

In the years of the great industrial recovery, around the mid-1970s, Lillodue was born: our pasta making machine for both families and small restaurants. Its compact size, ease of use, and low maintenance quickly made it a widely sought-after appliance for many.

In 2005, the year we celebrated our 200th anniversary, Confartigianato honoured us with the Artisan Tradition Award.

The company, now named Bottene F.lli Srl, transitioned to the 6th generation, maintaining the principles of tradition and family that have always made it a solid and reliable business.

The strengthening of the foreign market through the consolidation of its partners and the participation in an ever-increasing number of events of international interest mean that even today, after more than two hundred years of History, Bottene fresh pasta machines are a point of reference both in the home tradition and in the catering environment, which has always recognized the quality of a true 100% Made In Italy product.